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October 12, 2019

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Astrologically what lifted today, AS the Moon sits on my natal Mercury.

Horsetail late Summer. This Summer Horsetail emphasized the nature of relations, webbed.


Astrologically what lifted today.

Full Moon is in Aries tomorrow which was seeded as a new Moon in Libra.

This feels to be seeds/seeding (Aries/Mars) the filament of relationships & partnering (Libra/Venus.)

Instinctual movements are seeding what is or what is to be in relations.

But the dance of seeding relations is amplified or louder with both Mars & Venus being in strong vibrant oppositions. (Venus opposite Chiron, and Mars opposite Uranus.)

These personal planets which directly play in & about this full moon are playing up wounds/healing along with shocking awareness because of the oppositions. There may be jolt of awareness which might be taken in deeply. And our personal wounds &/or our healings are instinctively engaged.

As cardinal-initiators Libra is air and Aries is fire play as social, relational, & personal actions be a happening in very seen or of extraordinary ways.

It’s not “just about you” it is just the astrological weather. We all be in it. TLC TLC TLC

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