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Hello, I am Marilyn Michele

I go by Marilyn or Michele or MmMmmm to Grandma Mic. A girl of many names.

I welcome your presence. Feel free to send me an email if you want to consider my services.

Let me introduce myself & why I serve you.


My heart is to mirror you, and create space for your discoveries. Seeing into the layers of who you are, will be aided with ancient languages of Art, Evolutionary Astrology, Evolutionary  Alchemical  Herbalism, Ritual & Story. 

My everyday life is typical & pretty ordinary west coast USA. I am a country girl, who has lived urban, and suburban as well. Raised riding mules, parented while cattle farming near an isolated small town but I also love those big cities. I have mostly been a USA west coast woman. Seattle to LA, family roots in Oregon & Idaho, but I have enjoyed Chicago along with London & Maldon England.

Residing in my body has been a really wild ride. Some serious illness have been peppered throughout my entire life. As such I am pretty aware that I don't see illness & healing in typical ways. I see how often there is objectification of illness. I find judgements or prescriptive thinking used on the sick. These postures toward sickness are such weighty burdens which I fully flip off. F*kit!


After living out numerous illnesses of full-on alchemical dynamics I advocate for embracing a full range of alchemical experiences. No judgements. Body simply is of my legacy and responding to the elements of life, as a participatory dance of divine. 

And back to general life.  

Socially, I have invested to lift equitable partnering and nurturing of community in numerous ways.

  • First at home, I created fresh platforms for family to reinvent equality; big, little, gender neutral

  • In community I soft sculpt by creating space to foster or facilitate team or group dynamics.

  • I hard sculpt in society founding sustainable non profit/501(c)3 & home business enterprise.​

  • College instruction in Studio Art & Western Art History. (Art History, as it was given to me re-opened a portal of knowledge with our Ancients.)

  • I am invested with my BFA & MFA in studio making with occasional exhibitions.

  • High School substitute where I love them and leave them.


Speaking to life, I naturally soar to the outer limits with instinctive positive vibes, yet the dark under belly of the subterranean is my second home. I have embraced severe blows of my body's frailty along with many constructs failing. Pain and suffering truly IS. And it is -no thing- . I have found sweet nothing deep within. As eternal we live.  Honesty about the muck of life does not extinguish divine. Conditions cannot strike our core true self down for we are far more, we are life as love. My services acknowledge our essence, a presence as divine intertwined with all that is as life.

Professional Qualifications
  • BFA School of the Art Institute of Chicago

  • MFA Goldsmiths College, University of London

  • Evolutionary Herbalist:                                      

    • Alchemical & Vitalist Practitioner Herbalist 

  • Astrologer 

  • Nonprofit coCreator:Vernonia Hands On Art Center  

  • Business coFounder: Mic's Mix Gluten Free Flour

Personal Quirks ;)
  • Daughter, Sister, Mother, Grandmother, & Lifetime Partner as wife.

  • Triple FIRE, loads of 'masculine' as female. Whatever.

  • Earth trine as well. Let's be here as we are, earthy!

  • Wild one 'who runs with the wolves' & dances naked. 

  • Pagan, respecting & listening to all forms of life.

  • Paradigm tourist; education, religion, organizations. 

  • YaYa "IMAGINATIVE Rivers", given names "Warrior of Laughter", "Bubbles in Laughter." Yes, I am of open throat laughter.

SAIC Diploma.jpg
Goldsmiths Diploma.jpg
Vitalist Herbal Practitioner Certficate of Completion.jpg
Redwoods & Sacred Albino Redwood
Vital Living Liberating You.
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