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Saturn our Matriarch, Rhythms of Wisdom

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

Saturn a builder & change agent of society, regenerative with love as central. Grandmother Saturn is a societal motherfucker. She breaks down barriers or builds platforms from love which is a mighty force. What is the source of our greatest change? LOVE! She be a motherfucker force. I have felt the greatest revolution to be love. Imagine love nurtured from birth onward. Throughout life being loved up. This powerful presence of love, is in my view, it is the most badass influence of our world.

Our Matriarch, Grandmother Saturn, generates social integrity and maturity where it counts. We are to cross the threshold(s) we are given. She knows. She bothers. You can. It is on you. She is here.

Seen as the farthest away. Are you feeling your outer limits being hit?

This is the farthest I have gone. Something I am stepping through, to be crossing a threshold of what I have come to know. Pushed out of the nest of familiar.

Grandmother Saturn encircles, folds in, loves us amidst our stride, from within our collective wave. She is the great badass where love creates social norms.

Providing -access to discover, -nurturing with a -watchful hand -to provide overall safety.

Saturn bothers with social constructs.

Saturn: bothers to show up; bothers to know; bothers to provide. Saturn bothers about conditions of society with care, integrity, protection and sustainability.

Crowds of caring.
Caring for the crowds. Structural integrity.

Cold compressed. Ringed.

Compression creating an amalgamation opportunity for building and binding together.

In caring for each other our Saturn within creates conditions/ constructs/ ways of life to create culture to harmonize community living. Saturn undergirds the frameworks of community life.

Ringed it contains ones energies for ripening to feed movement or delivery of one’s capacities.

In knowing the rhythms of life, the cycles of earth, sun and sky, it is Saturnian to carry this knowledge and grow it into the years of the elders. Elders teach. Elders forming ways of living with wisdom. Warnings for protection come from elders. Minimal elderly invitations set up profound ripening, plump and juicy. Accountability is woven within maturation, amid a full thoughtful acceptance.

Of earth. Earth dancing.

Community birthed as earth. Saturn

Be that SaturnIan motherfucker who cares, who bothers, with love which enfolds. Let your Saturn shine.

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