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I am Re-Wilding my astrology. The viable expressions of this ancient language are not dim or deaf at this time. The legacy of history does not negate the relevance ignited today. I began with Evolutionary Astrology. 

Mark Jones, Pluto School, Transformational Astrology is my biggest influence.

Astrology an ancient languaging of life. A rich, nonjudgmental, broad spectrum language. A language I have studied to offer up for you. I add my acquired life skills of my clinical herbalist training, privileged BFA, MFA education, and college teaching along with my family lineage.  I am a very earthy astrologer who has a steady curiosity and love, deep love of life. Let’s fall in love with your life in an astrology read.

Solar System


I integrate my trades and training. They interweave with great efficacy. Astrologer Dane Rudhyar noted reading the gestalt of a chart was like reading fine art.  As a professionally trained and practicing artist, I  begin with reading the gestalt of your birth chart like a masterpiece of art. Taking in the whole of your chart. Asking what are the tones, the influences? I look for small details and grand gestures exposed in your chart. As in art I look for the essence of the artist, in your chart I look for your presence felt and seen to openly unfold a mirroring of you.  

Christmas Star

Let’s step forward together, as Mother Nature moves within us Wild and Close.

We are a bundle of relationships are we not? With people, with our environment, even within all the elements of our bodies. Not to mention ancestors & the unknown.

These complexities of relationships become our myths. 

Myth and Astrology interweave. Steven Forest identifies when speaking of Neptune “the mind organizes itself around a myth.” It seems easy to see, myths commonly interweave with human’s lives. Here is where old myths of astrology don’t sit with me.  Is your life and relationships best shown in myths of old? I am a harsh critique of old myths. Because the work to impart from ancient culture into our current culture and context is most often sidelined or lost. Is your rape, incest, subjugation of women filter clogged up? Let’s just get myth savvy. We live in current myths, let’s find way to acknowledge them. In our world of intercultural exchanges from around our globe, our relationships within our cosmos/earth and bodies present universal common ground. And they bear up incredible ways of seeing, and forming relevant myths. 

I am an astrologer who highlights one’s planetary relationship dynamics. The essence and expressions of you connecting. The relational dynamic of your birth, mobilized through life. How the planets buddy up and back you up with particular alignments through out life. I will help us reinvent our perceptions with informed awareness, liberating you. I am a gatekeeper sensitive to NOT drag old cultural particulars along when they are oppressive and exclusive. I suggest living in the myths of now. Join with me, we are all WILD AND CLOSE. We maybe citified or open range but the essence of you is always. Let us cultivate & integrate the paradigms and platforms afforded us through nature, from our bodies, earth and galaxies beyond.

Christmas Star
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