Let's begin with where you are comfortable in making contact. 
  I  have 
specific services but I can provide alternatives fashioned for you.  

 I welcome you to email through the contact details within this website.

 I don't list my email as it gets spammed. 

 Do yo have any questions...

  •  Often a simple phone call will be a great beginning for setting up a session. Send me an  email with your phone number and I will give you a call.


 I open this space safely (with no predetermination) to nurture and affirm you in your enterprise.  In all of my services, which ever way you want to work together, show up  and let's step into it. I am an old crone. I am an old warrior. I am a soft heart. 

I am here to bolster you so that you can take on challenges you feel are at hand. Might you want to engineer some life movements? Just say when... let's get to digging in, create some art to unfold new perspectives, and give permission. Let's ask the plants where to expand ourselves.


I use ancient languages, from our bones to that of the old worlds; Fine Art, Astrology, Herbalism, Ritual, & of course, throw our heads back in good ol' belly laughter.



So often I sit, as every cell sings of silence. Sometimes I sit with this body, with rocks, plants, sky gazing or ancient artifacts, as each are way more than a text book. As well, I love to embrace higher education.  I walk and sing as we are but nature, and she is my grand teacher. I know and have experienced there is nothing lacking within. Divine is and manifests as me, as you, as life. We are what I have tagged mgod.

see and be your (sound it out) mMmMmmgod!