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  Often healers are those who have walked the path of illness & healing in their own lives. I am such a practitioner. I am a Vital Herbalist trained in Traditional Herbal Alchemy & Clinical Herbalism by Sajah Popham of Evolutionary Herbalism.
  At times our medical system saved my life, and sometimes it could do nothing. 
  I became an herbalist to give my body aid and enhance my overall wellness.  
  Vitalist Herbalism takes in the full spectrum of life. Your constitution, condition & life practices marry together to give broad insight. We begin with a conversation here. Which will lead to
 engage in mindful partnering with plants to balance energetic vitality. This is fascinating and beautiful.    
  I can offer great self-care skills.  How to make tinctures, decoctions, to alchemical lab spagyrics.  
   We can go on plant walks to discovery your plant partners or I can guide you in sitting with plants.  

  Welcome, as a Vital Herbalist I am here to help you. Where would you want to begin?.

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