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Life’s Thumbprint

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Saturn, Uranus & Chiron the Rainbow Bridge

(Sorry not a great photograph, it is on white paper. I will try to replace it soon. But the depiction remains clear enough.)

I have been listening to various folk. There is so much available online now to give an ear. I listen with strong discernment. Partly to embrace what they offer, as well as keeping a filter on for what lingers. How do you approach all of the vast offerings of insight out there?

Above you can see, I made Mars flow art. Grabbed a color, readily choose the brush size and began making marks. And as I look at it today a thumbprint feels present in the work. I was feeling vibes of lifetimes, or the movements of this life, round and round. Or that of generations. Now I remember this is also scratched into ancient stones of Ireland which were a part of a tomb. (Pictures are in one of my earliest blogs.) Something keeps showing up in life with some sort of continuance. I am having 6 decades of life this go. I am not sure I have had so many in times before. It feels pretty special. Near death a couple of times underscores the delight in my decades.

Much of my life seems to be understanding body integrated with teaching, or guiding consciousness. Lifting awareness. Guiding with Divine, or so it seems for me in this life.

So when I heard Adyashanti suggest the use of lifting weights to ground those who are super receptive to environments. Those who are more of air. To be fair this followed his suggestions to have a practice of daily routines of cleansing or clearing oneself. And something else was offered. But the weight lifting intrigues me.

I feel he is suggesting the body expressions (as in weight lifting) transpose into our “enlightened” state/awareness an acquisition of expressions to be food for self & Self in this life. So can we say, body is supporting awareness by a feeding of tangible body expressions which are bridging into self & Self in our now? This just underscores the deliciousness our bubleiciousness of life in these human expressions.

Trust I too am in forced surrender to this body’s suffering. My body’s suffering is a constant determination as to what I can and what I cannot do in any given day. And currently my measure of “yes you can” is low. It has been lower before, so I am filled with gratitude for what is, while yet severely limited. And currently my body is in great fluctuations. I know not what tomorrow will bring. It is always a measure of something. And when it goes beyond measures of self care, well now I am in bonus territory! And in this I sit to make some marks with Mars free flow freedom. This really feeds me while I am yet so limited. I look to see what color lifts. I find what shape might come to be felt to make. I wonder what comes next - if anything. And thus came Thumbprint.

So how about this body as bridge from time + space (very Saturn) with one’s lived out awareness (very Uranus.) And this feels very much like Chiron, the rainbow bridge between Saturn and Uranus. Chiron, the wounded healer. So again the body is what guides to discovery of wellness. But are we listening to the body or working the body over?

I sense we try and handle our bodies.

Or we discipline our faculties.

Sometimes subjugating our bodies to what is our goal, what is best, or to perform.

Healing is a task, a marked outcome for what is predefined as wellness. Get it well, now!

I have done all of the above at some point. But way back in my first Saturn return my body came forward as a strong and clear voice I was to listen to and deeply honor. And my body has had lots n’ lots to say.

I have had this blow back and that shut down from my body. Oh Lordy let’s not go into the list now. But being born or baptized in the winds of toxic bomb down winds kicked me off to bodily suffer this whole life through. And while I listen to my body pretty well, I get this feeling I am just beginning to learn how to listen. After my first Saturn return I realized body had something profound to say. To direct me with. I have endeavored to listen while in a state of immense physical struggles. And yet Saturn had whispered into my ear this is not without opportunity to know and love that which is beyond this pain. It is a gateway of discovery I have let wash over me time and again. And this for me, instilled inner joy. Inner peace. Inner trust.

Again I feel I am just beginning to listen listen. To really hear what is transpiring in this dance of life. Life as banal body orchestrating discoveries which lift and feed the heart. Discoveries which are yet known. Silence stepping into the waters of life. Formless stepping into form. Form illuminating yet more. To dissolve into formless. Emptiness. No thing. Returning to step into the waters of life. Formless stepping into form. What a riotous dance. Yes yes yes.

If you want to have an open chat about this, or want to make art which feeds you with a Mars free flow, or maybe you just feel to have a connection as you float out there in the seas of confusion, I offer services to make myself available.

Big hugs, times can be super tough. Deep from the core of this body many of us struggle. I can sit with your or we can talk. We can play with art making. We can figure out a plant which might be a sweet fit for nurturing you.

Hot damn,

space + time

awareness >< delivered through body.


Uranus >< Chiron

or something like that…

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