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Horsetail as Saturn • Saturn as Horsetail

I want to invite Horsetail to teach me Saturn - Join me.

IF WE SEE THIS, Horsetail, CAN WE SAY THAT we see Saturn? I think so.

I explain the plant and planetary relationship within “Can you explain that?”

Italy, Saturn the mountain goat.


||| Ancient: 54million |||

| Builds body’s barriers: flint nature | While barrier builds circulating dynamic purges |

Horsetail as plant.

Horsetail within the body.

Horsetail is very structurally unique looking plant. …

The root is rhizome. Growing best in wet soils. The rhizomes are dark and earth colored. It looks like the upper stock of the plant morphed into a worm. When the rhizomes break the pieces replicate a new plant.

How does Horsetail look. It looks like long green pencil. Or a bit like a snake lifting from the damp soil in early Spring. Numerous circular bands are evenly distributed throughout the length of the shaft. Each segment joint is feathered with a darker color, (the color of the rhizomes.) Each band is a joint, flexible like a hinge. Each band joint has a fluid within. From the joint a stick like circle of fronds emerge. (I call them fronds. They are so fern like it makes sense to me.)

The image following shows the mature horsetail, past prime picking. Fronds fully extending outwards.

They love to grow clustered as in the photo.

Not necessarily choking out other plants. But clearly dominating the space.

What begins as a phallic looking plant becomes a feminine circular orbit. The open structure of starbursts provides a communal interlocking.

In the next picture it shows the frond ends with dew drops, if you are looking to the center shaft the dark bands show with the straight fronds lifting in a complete circle at each joint. The fronds are lifting upward when young. These fronds are still lifting upward. The fronds drop to open out flat, straight out with maturity. The harvesting of horsetail is early before the fronds drop below 45°. The fronds collect dew and hold a drop on the end of every single tip.

It is a stunning close up view. This plant has such rigid directional texture as it’s barrier on the shaft and the circular fronds. And the open frond structure intermingled. Yet each frond collects a hefty drop of dew.

As the plant matures the fronds lengthen and drop. The water or dew collection wanes. Late in the season of growth the fronds replicate the jointed nature found in the shaft.

HORSETAIL discoveries and thoughts.


Horsetail for what it teaches about Saturn, it’s correlating planet.

Horsetail within the body provides a building of structural barrier to provide a circular dynamic for what is within the structure to then purge. There is an inner dynamic along with barrier building. Horsetail delivers opportunity for the inner, of the interior to right itself, while building proper structural barrier. And so, this describes Saturn as well. Saturn is associated with structures. It is not lost on me that a focus on structure alone becomes dead rather quickly. But Horsetail teaches me about the nature of structure and the functions which structure affords. This suggests structure is not about structure in and of itself.

So follow me in the next blog pages and let’s set to stew and marinate on Structure/Saturn from horsetail discoveries.

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