Where I dance

with plants, planets

and people

Oh to absorb & integrate as in the ways of these horsetails,

(in the picture beneath.) 

Oh to be spongelike and porous. 

Oh to let criticality be as a swamp of marination.


I take a plant, how it looks, and what I observe about the plant, and my sitting with the plant listening.  Which for me is communion within subtle realms. I add in what it does within the body. How it tastes and impacts body. How this plant participates and teaches plant to body. (A discernible Vitality, noted in Evolutionary Herbalism with Sajah Pompham) 


The cool thing about plants is that they provide a matrix within which they are… a morphogenic field, along with their full integration as nature. Both the unique matrix, such as Horsetail and the full integration as nature without separateness provides for remarkable listening, watching and learning of a plant paradigm.


This plant creates a platform within a comprehensive paradigm. But of course in speaking to paradigm, I am applying structure to that which doesn’t NEED structure. Structure gives me a way of tabulating. So, I have to learn how to take it in and participate. But plants are very generous.


Then to draw the plants correlating planet in to figure as well, opens a unique extension of the modeling this plant & planet provide. Planetary language (astrology) is thousands of years long. It is a rich and substantial portrayal of the human, and human construct factors (ages deep to contemporary) these are cultivated with a focus to communicate. Astrology is a comprehensive language, involving the whole person and one’s complete environment which is seen as timeless. A timeless one within ages of social constructs. (Past present and future.) Add to this our current zeitgeist/ contemporary practices which are the blinders for which we peer through. So combine the nature matrix and paradigm platform which the plant provides, a model extension from the plant & planet (language of astrology) to enfold into one’s current personal terms, (heart essence) add in our blinders,(it is best to own our limits) and we have a complex triangulated discovery. A triangulation of related dynamics and forms which are well formed and informative.


And yet all of this is fluid, ever expanding.

It reinforces, contracts, reinforces, expands...

It reinforces, contracts, reinforces, expands...

b'ringing out the vibrations of life.


Welcome to where I dance!!