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Woven As Our Earth & Sky

Updated: Feb 1

Are you just stepping into Astrology or Herbalism? Welcome.

Sometimes when we approach astrology or herbalism we are walking into new territory. Maybe we know bits of astrology from media or herbs through a favorite tea, or something scented. Something with essential oils perhaps? I don’t know you tell me, how have you come to find astrology or herbalism? I keep these two linked together as the stars are reflected in the flowers. And the flowers reflect the stars. In fact we find correlations between certain plants and certain planets. We learn about the cosmos through plants, and we learn about plants through the cosmos. Yes there is a relational interweaving.

I was trained as a textile artist. And it is the weavings between our sky & earth tapestry which fascinates me. This tapestry holds and enfolds the very essence of life. And it is accessible. It is how I work, and what I work with.

Astrology and Herbalism have always been correlated, sometimes looser or barely mentioned. But that is most often because in our modern ways these are two large or vast bodies of knowledge which are kept separate. And while we see the correlations we don’t fully integrate what is offered. It seems we have lost our way with it all. But it doesn’t mean it is not accessible. I find plants are most gracious in teaching us, opening perceptions. And I sense the cosmos is a bit tired of the old myths binding them. But that doesn’t have to be.

Select a service I offer, and let’s unfold while we enfold our cosmos, starting with you! Yes a read of your birth chart or of your body constitution. Where are you curious or in need?

Or offer a certificate for someone….

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