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Formless, unbound and just fine as form for now.

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

Clouds, snow, rain, hail,

Daffodils, dead nettle, violets, and dandelion.

12, April Western Oregon 2023

Moments of sunshine sparkling through heavy droplets on bare branches, quickly dims.

Astrology glimpses. Balm for the heart of a friend.

Just wisdom through the ages in rhymes and rhythms seen and passed down.

We cling to forms, for fuck’s sake.

We live as forms of earth’s passing. What the fuck?

Forces found of form imply grabbing hold. Simply, is the joke on us?

And we find 11 & 12 year old kids obnoxious- are they Mother Earth more fully disclosed?

She is our Dark Mother, coyote the trickster, blessing us to flow with divinity.

Formless, unbound and just fine as form for now.

Fucking great.

Seven. Friends accepting a poet‘s challenge. Writing something each day for seven days.
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