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What are -
Earth Based Systems?

Earth Based Systems are systems developed by us humans of the earth. Ancient systems used through the ages, carried forward and accessible today. I use art, art history of old to contemporary, astrology, herbalism, ritual, rocks, artifacts, & our stories. 

What is barter?

Barter is an exchange which we both feel is mutually beneficial.

What is client lead session?

I take an alternative point of view... and willingly lay down to release any notion of authority coming from me. You got this! I know it.

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What are my          Art Studio choices?

Journal with art navigating life live or document your studies through art journalizing.


Maybe focus on your artistic development with rigorous studio investment. Are you looking for portfolio to exhibition fine tuning? Let's do it. Maybe take on a studio practice with criticality.

Daily Foods- why does this come up?

Why food always comes into play. It is what feeds into what is us - it shows. It will come up. This is one of our grandest body needs and polluters. I feel, we have to own it.

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What is a premise you build your services to enhance? 

Relational-Dynamics, I find all of life enfolds layers and layers of relationships. 

I find all of life pivots, swings and sways within relationships. These relationships are not just human to human, which is crucial for sure. But we are of a vaste web of life. Threads of a tapestry carried from our ancestors and to the world around us to the world yet to be expressed. 

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What are you speaking of when you reference "Vital Living?"

Vital Energetics

A subtle frequency 

which flows in, through,  and from each and all. It is somewhat like the heart beat of an ecological system. The vitality of life pulses through our bodies, the earth, the cosmos. I serve to enhance and nurture your vital force.