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Chiron as Rabbit: Vulnerability, and death as healing. (This is a rewrite)

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

Humboldt County Redwoods August 16, 2023

I saw our first rabbit in the redwood groves. I was reminded of Chiron as rabbit.

Chiron is often referenced as the wounded healer. Is Rabbit a wounded healer? In its wounds it heals, yes? At rabbit’s peril it feeds an abundance of forest creatures. And yet it often remains plentiful. Often too plentiful without viable predation. I feel rabbit expresses a healing within its vulnerability. I am suggesting it feeds some needs of a healthy ecosystem. This vulnerability is in the dynamic of their robustness. Pause on that for a bit. Within robustness lies a valuable vulnerability. Is this not a wounded healer? The wound heals the whole. In a rabbit’s death there is homeostasis. I would say there is a healing of the forest. There are many layers to death, we can experience different types of death within our life. This role of death as healing intrigues I feel there is so much to explore here. Loss, death, giving up oneself aligns with my own experience to heal. A healing of myself, and healing of my familial legacy. And more.

This nature of Chiron in my 6th house, is a giver of life - and it sets the stage of my vulnerability, being that of my body. My bodyself wrangles with life and death- from a toxic world polluting me in my childhood and from saturating my body with chemo, saving my bodylife from cancer. And in all of these numerous body challenges I remain, from within, a plump presence, with a type of bountiful legacy leaping into this familia dynamic.

Years ago I found at the center of my totem, rabbit. Vulnerable abundance. Chiron at my Pluto Polarity Point. In observation I find the dynamic contribution of rabbit to mirror Chiron. How do you feel about this? I am prone to interweave with our ancient knowledge base scrutiny, and criticality. And in doing so, I allow us the fresh teaching from our experiences. Especially experiences of observing. Of listening. I like to be spacious and enfold our many teachers. Rabbit is one of mine.

Have a swell day. And should you want to explore the rabbit within you, the Chiron of your chart, let’s do an astrology session.

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