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Chiron as Rabbit: Giver of Life & Jumping with Vitality

Updated: Aug 31

Humboldt County Redwoods August 16, 2023

Saw our first rabbit in the redwood groves. I was reminded of Chiron as rabbit.

At rabbit’s peril it feeds the forest’s fill of forest creatures. And yet it is plentiful as well. This nature of Chiron in my 6th house, a giver of life - as my body/self wrangles with life and death- all the while remaining a plump presence, with a type of jumping bountiful legacy. That rabbit sits within me, at the center of my totem.

In Astrology I take the planetary [symbols, dynamics, vibrations, or labels] into our earth world of nature [plants and animals, as well as ourselves in female roles] not to muddy, but to soften the narrowness of hard established edges. Each planet is female too. And mirroring the myriad expressions on earth.

This is not more complicated to let wisdom references to roll out, and be more spacious, than the myths or males of old. And it is not diluting the integrity of astrology, for in extending our references with rigor we are allowing myths to be relevant.

Our references of wisdom and knowledge are to have substance beyond our man-made beliefs, or imagined correlations. I can watch & study rabbit and learn Chiron. I can observe, make medicine with dandelion and learn of Jupiter. Our mirrors of discovery are bountiful. The practice of studying ancient text is the same method for a study of say ‘rabbit’ or ‘dandelion.’

Our teachers are not of the human sanctioned forms of knowledge alone. This is good to interweave with our ancient knowledge base, but do not deny our current natural sources of teaching. Scrutiny, criticality can be and is useful to engage. But allow us the fresh teaching from our experience of our sources of life and the givings within. Be spacious and enfold our broader whole. Teaching is still occurring outside of academia.

This limit to our knowledge sources as a practice of study is familiar to when I was in the church learning of the Old Testament miracles. As I listened, I realized that it is only us putting up restrictions as to when and what is a miracle which causes us to miss the current expressions of miracles. God of the Old Testament would not stop offering miracles to us in a later time frame, right? Why did my church say miracles were just an Old Testament thing?

I am not one who holds knowledge as in academia.

Might I be one who‘s knowledge is absorbed, as in vulnerable honest living, becoming what I know.

I am willing to absorb knowledge and wisdom into some particularities, that be me (which are me) experiencing life. Which is fluid and of no significance, except that it is divine in flow.

Why do I write these bits out. I know not fully. I always imagine that at some point I will be sharing my voice. I am thinking this will happen within known ways. Yet I am not always finding my way to offer an expression as imagined within life’s movements.. I am patient with the outcomes, for I do not count on them for the meaningfulness of my life. But I seem to want to be prepared. And so here I am preparing my voice here.

Have a swell day. And should you want to explore the rabbit within you, the Chiron of your chart, let’s do an astrology session.

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