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Legacies of Our Ancestors ° Holding the Essence of Me

Title: “Legacy of our Ancestors Holding the Essence of Me. Honoring those who Called this vanishing act forward.” Watercolor & India Ink: Hot Press Arches August 2023, Humbolt County Redwoods

In this lovely beautiful world, is this my vanishing act?

Vanishing while loving life. Fully present. Engaged as…whatever. It has been…

Breath taking redwood forest. [Humbolt County, California]

As I live and breath am I not but dust?

This beauty vanishing within an ancestral legacy. Vanishing as a pivot from what was to what is… Honoring those who Called this vanishing act forward.

As I dissolve and yet fully play, what bones remain?

Bountiful life. How to dissolve and yet fully play?

Bones, with cords of us all -ever, woven and knotted together. Magnanimous. [Usnea- California lace from the Fir tree that fell that day//lungs of the forest = lungs = grief] Where shall we find our sorrows eased? From the bones of our legacy might we find aid? What physically expels our collective grief?

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