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Venus’chique: Life Generating Balance: Homeostasis

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Beautiful homeostasis. Can you feel it? Oh my, I can tell when it is off! What is your expression of balance today? What brings about your Venus vibes, your Venus’chique?

This weeks moves, or expressions of homeostasis for me:


receiving from relationships,

self-care as fight,

self care as nurture,

fuck off grounding,

(might I express “fuck off!” as a way to ground me, full yes, Dark Mother gets it) and

reach out grounding.

Definition of homeostasis (Merriam-Webster) : a relatively stable state of equilibrium or a tendency toward such a state between the different but interdependent elements or groups of elements of an organism, population, or group

Homeostasis is a factor of being me, and of being we.

May the groove of my brain connections to my central nervous system be of Homeostasis. Venus expressions. May my brain and central nervous system guide me to know equilibrium. Venus. To have Venusian balance. Would this not be life lived with an inner ease?

I think I need some Venus. How about you? And please might Venus open me within the pithy b.s. of life generating balance?

And so, may my life be of Venus homeostasis. Might Venus’chique guide me to be of equilibrium within this dynamic flow* of life.

Appalling dynamic flow* of life…so familiar in 2022

*World pandemic

*Social discord

*War abroad

*Violence in schools, churches & grocery stores


*Sickness & Suffering, Death

*Family catastrophes

*Grim Ancestral Legacies

*Religions askew

*Wealth disparity

*Cultural exhaustion, Oh Lordy I am of Cultural Exhaustion, are you?

Think we could use some Venus?

I can offer a session to look at Venus in your chart. To help you see what feeds your Venus?

To consider what is your Venus’chique.

We can look at where your Venus is postured in the relational dynamic of your birth chart?

We can consider some Venusian plants that will be guides or ally to help your body remember your ease, your homeostasis. Plants attuned to your brain & central nervous system homeostasis.

Maybe it is a ritual we devise for remembering and cultivating your equilibrium recall.

Set up a session and simply ask about your Venus, and reference this blog.

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