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Venus. A flurry of relating - is all happening.

Updated: Oct 18, 2022


A planet of relations. So let’s simply put forward just that.

Venus is expressing in form, our relating.

This relating is to all things.

To place,

to people,

to self & Self

to plants

to all aspects of life lived.

This is where we have relations. Yup we have relationship kind of everywhere.

Traditionally Venus is thought of as a planet which is primarily about our commerce exchanges. Can we rest the whole commerce dimension a bit. Not forsaking it, but not making it so prominent? Is there a difference when Venus is a planet of relations compared to being a planet of commerce exchanges? I feel that they do not always go hand in hand. Can we be in relationship without commerce exchanges? For sure. Not everything fits into a 3 column note, that is banking.

What is relating? It seems within relating there is a broad manifestation of relational types. So there are numerous types of relating. Then additionally in the flurry of relating, because it is happening all about all of the time, within relating there is what we see to be at play. This would be the base of what we see to be —as life experiencing. Relating is on the whole a hug chunk of what we call experience.

Let me jump ahead within this experiencing and let it dangle as a tangible dynamic of form. We as form, experience. This is cool and pretty amazing. I truly enjoy life. As we experience we begin to give notice to what might be included or excluded. Seeing what one in their experience includes and excludes might also be simply descriptive of where we truly are. Not where we want to be, not where we were last. Things are this way, and not that way. Simply put, softly profound.

Things are this way, and not that way.

So as we are relating in a space of seeing there is more than me, which is not about giving or getting, but about hovering near. A hovering in respect. Respect for what I am and respect for what I am not. Seeing there is more than my form, there is so much more. There are many. All relating expressing experiencing. This is the dance of experience the flurry of form relating.

Hovering to absorb the relationship with recognition and acceptance of the space between. This is relating. Accepting the relationship within differences. Do we suddenly enter an exchange dynamic. Are we now doing a this for that? Maybe but not really. It would seem communion is more aptly expressed in such experience. There is an absorbing within communion, essence to essence of what I am and what is here beyond me. The communion seems to enfold an element of offering. But the offering is not a this for that. But rather an expression that I am here and this I am today, this I am, I offer with and for you, to what I am not as well.

Does seeing what I include and exclude transcribe into what I give and what I get? Maybe, but that is not the thrust of my relating throughout a day. A commerce exchange still feels different than a relationship experience of differences.

So yes, it seems I am suggesting Venus is more about the dynamics of relating to the whole of life as experiencing communion and not so much about the exchange based on this for that.

Or so it seems today, xMmmmm

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