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Triumphant Parade of Bliss - Sun Vitality

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Sometimes there is a way in which life unfolds and adds music to the dance already underway. Becoming a new triumphant parade of bliss.

I feel when our sun, our core vitality, is at liberty to bloom, generate, marinate, perform self expression, it is a parade of bliss. This creating and moving energy as our core, core vitality, is our Sun.

This creative fire, for me, sits in Aries, so it moves with great liberty, instinctually welcoming the jump into movement without a notion to hesitate.

There is no target needed for Sun/Mars to mobilize, there is no plan, there is no self glory, loads of self expression. Mars openly handles the fragility of life with instinctual awareness guiding energies onward.

Sun/Mars, as I embrace this, it is a dynamic dance of energies. Integrating all dynamics of me and all of those energies all about me!

Let’s see what the dance of your sun is? Set up a session. Maybe a couple of friends want to make art with Sun gestures, sign up for the 4 part Art- Show & Tell class. The class fee is paid for all together. (All students pitch in to pay the fee of the Art Joural, Show n Tell zoom class.)

I am here to support your Sun parade mobilized.

Make contact with me if you want support.

Otherwise parade your dance proud.

Art by my granddaughter. Melody Mae at age 9

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