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fire bath

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

fresh rain water & fire…. bring on deep deep waters of restoration

A copper dish of fresh rain water, pewter circle of women candle holder with Teasal ….

Teasal nourishes kidney Qi.

I light this candle for her waters within

the fire to spark and maintain life’s bounty



giving deepest rest

to her weary body.

Mars (fire) is square Neptune (water) at this moment creating energies of dynamic tension along with energies to support anew. What shall this be?

As prickly Teasal teaches a way of opposites, for it is all barbed, pokey and spiked, yet it soothes the nerves and restores the Qi. As well may the opposite be at play with the fire on water to allow rest beyond all known forms of rest. Fire on water, “A reigning fire bringing about the transmutation of all elements” Tantric Dakini Douglas & Slinger. “A great personal force both attracting and and transforming.”

We play and dance …

the way of our body is

often set

before we know it

and so a wonky dance unfolds.

But the play from within

may it spark

feel warmth

and be bathed in sweet feelings of love

in some measure in this day

in some way.

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