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Been Camping…mark making like Mars.

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

What marks have you made of late? I like to give myself space to just flow with Mars an open easy freedom. Moving the color, line and shape with a Martian open willing flight of gesture. No thought. Figuring it out will be worked out later. Just feel the vibe, responding to ___ fill in the blank. Let the response be from within, a divine emptiness. Or respond to the forest, a tree, or a shadow line.. It is a delicious delight. I offer classes to find your way with Mars freedom building your self expression. Your Mars.


Here are just a few free flows made in the midst of the woods, the ocean and all the things...

textures, colors!

light and shadow movements...

clearly looking back at me…

the thick chaotic mess as splendid beauty…

I am in and of all of this…

And enough… this is where I have been of late, NOT posting. Camping.

I can set up the class loosely within your mode of art making, or I can deliver for you a specific medium to explore. Check out Services where I offer "Let it Flow, A creative workshop" which is tailored to you. Or take a class with some friends and do the "Show and Tell." Give yourself space to let your Mars do a free flow.

Get your Mars out and let it go!

And here is my Mars mark making of yesterday. No thought.

Mars mark making does not need to become a form. There is liberty to just create. And in doing this type of creating the body learns to liberate instinct, and intuition without mind leading. Mind comes in later to sort and discern what is at hand. Maybe discerning some of what is in the whole picture. Mars in Taurus is not of mind, but nicely in the body. So today as I looked at transits I realized, oh right Mars on my Venus in Taurus. Mars is a dynamic leading energy for me. Which is a liberation, but in this life of mine it has also required a clear boundary and refinement. Because my Mars expressions are coming through being a female. I easily see this in my painting and some more. Is that upper orange ribbon a boundary or a free flight?

I know I am the better for such refinements, some taken to heart others burned up.

Mars is so often given a warrior posture. And while I grew up in a bruiser type of way, that is such a limited expression of Mars. The blissful liberation possible within our Mars feeds one’s heart with juIciness. Mars is in Taurus consider liberal ways to embody free flight. Begin a new habit, to cultivate a rooting of our movements without mind. The hand of discernment with Mars which I use, I ask “simply does this feed me or does this drain me?” Take care nurture yourself. And let yourself fly…. In some way, some expression. Come back to it later to realize what gifts Mars co-created within you.

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