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Discovering Mars Within.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

I am looking to describe and understand Mars without using "warrior" asking what is my core vitality as Mars?

In astrology, Mars is aligned with Aries, the first house, and traditionally with Scorpio the eighth house. As such Mars is of a masculine house and a feminine house. Do we hear of the ways Mars is expressed as feminine, or as a female? More than being a female warrior? Rarely, right? As well, the eighth house is now superseded by Pluto. But clearly Pluto & Mars are a mighty duo sitting as feminine (eighth house.)

I had a privilege when I began learning astrology to engage a gentleman who took in all of my many questions. And he was kind enough to engage me about Mars without using the term warrior. It was a direct request on my part. As a first house entity, it cannot just be about being a warrior, right? The first house is a house of birth, new beginnings, self expression. A mother birthing her baby is not a warrior, but it is a bloody show. Very Mars if you ask me. As well, separating and discerning our notions of warrior from our world's multiplicity of wars far too distant to my everyday life, along with Hollywood's suggested notions of warrior, and our many fantasies of warrior, all of this left me frustrated and angry at the over use of this term warrior for Mars. Ha ha... My Mars was getting fed up. I am very Mars. Personal disclosure. Mars is my leading planet, at the top of my chart in Gemini. I don't use a sword. I have not been trained as an Army warrior. I admit that verbal jousting is a pleasure. And I grew up a bit of a bruiser from our many neighborhood brawls.

So I wanted to step out from this over-used term of warrior and to step underneath and see what holds up Mars expressed in life... today in our now.

Energy Which Burns to Fly On The Winds. Late Summer 2022

We stumbled a bit at first, but he offered three specifics of Mars. I am referring to my earliest days of learning astrology. I was in a forum of discussion with a kind knowledgeable astrologer who understood Mars. As I said I need to understand Mars without using the term or description of a warrior, he consented to participate. I refused the term warrior due to my dynamic life experience of warring being so valued in my male dominated society. Not just fighting. There is good fighting. Bouts of values finding way, not wars. I had been schooled on how to fight throughout my childhood. It was a family thing. And I had embarked on fighting fair many'a time as a female. So I knew fighting was not the same as warring. I knew experientially that Mars had to be more than warrior. But what?

We agreed Mars generates energy or movement without waiting for thought and planning. Mars is instinctual and mobilizes with a confidence that understanding will come, later. This is massive to understand, movement without planning or thought IS of Mars. It IS ok! It is wild. It is ok to be wild without thought. Let that soak in. Of course this is not the full context of expression, as we cannot isolate anything and justify our actions. We are integrated in a multiplicity of dynamics, a full chart crucial integration of multiple dynamics. But to discern liberation of power expressed before thought is just f**king lovely, isn't it? Oh yes, yes yes.

In addition to wild Mars, his three distinctions of Mars have remained steadfast with me. And have been a platform to liberate all things Mars. I am delighted this is just the beginning.

Mars is the power you need to maintain your space.

Mars is power. Mars addresses need, my needs. Mars power maintains my space. What is my space? What is this space for me, this one in this life? And what are the dimensions of my space? Can Mars move and flow into all the dimensions I might imbibe?

Mars is the power you need to maintain your 3-D life.

Mars is power. Mars addresses my need. Mars offers maintaining power.. Mars honors and provides power to maintain 3-D life. Does Mars help me discern what is essential in my wellness, to maintain my 3-D life? So Mars facilitates life lived coming into form? Mars must navigate the between spaces of form and no form, form and dimensions beyond.

Mars is the power you need to survive your 3-D life.

Mars is power. Mars addresses need. Mars expresses power to survive. Mars supports surviving this 3-D life. Does Mars help me enter and exit this 3-D world? Does empowered Mars acquire my ancestral legacy prayed forward to be in me here and now surviving beyond time? Is Mars my magic carpet to ride through life?

These are the three expressions of Mars given to me that have been revealing for me. I share them with you, and feel to step into Mars even further. This is our diving board. Diving into Mars as other than warrior, is juicy, enriching and a life force we have. We all have Mars in our charts. We all have a first and eighth house. And Mars is in a dynamic relationship with the other planets and chart archetypes.

Yarrow teaches me about Mars. We can explore this. I will explore various plants and their Marsian expressions.

Maybe you can't find a way to honor your space, or even struggle to possibly understanding your space while next to and intertwined with another's space?

Ever wonder how to make it through this particular or that kind of a day? Or do you find that you can't imagine how to make it though __ this certain tangle within your 3-D life?

Mars baby Mars. And I/we don't have to get a sword and fight my/our way though! Mars is not about forcing conflict. But Mars is able to help us so that whatever life presents, what ever we face in being present in our wild and wooly 3-D world, our unique Mars can facilitate initiation of our powers.

Each of us have a unique Marsian nature. In your astrology chart there are a multiplicity of layers visible about your Mars. Such as what house your Mars resides in, the archetype of that house, as well as the sign it is in, and the relationship Mars has with your other planets. And then of course the influences of your wild. Wild is within us all, but this is NOT formulaic. What wild comes forward for you in this life expression is. It is kind of an unknown. And it is best felt by you. Our wild is full within but it is peppered with unique expression throughout our lives. Schedule an astrology session to give a look at your Mars.

And transformation. What a loaded term, mostly because it is a loaded experience. Mars is in, deep within, and all over transformation. I will also set aside an exploration of how I have seen transformation and the alchemical process of making a spagyric to be picture perfect for what is at hand in experiential transformation.

Along with this Mars inquiry I have been doing an art series begun in the Redwoods of Humbolt county which I will be sharing bit by bit soon. The blog category is Art Redwoods.

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