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Cultivate Vital Living · Liberating You                     

                                                                                              Marilyn Michele Kunkel  BFA, MFA                                                                                                                                                                 

       Re-WILD your life. So maybe find  your voice to howl, maybe look to become spacious in listening. I like the juicey’ness of life.   Right?   Let’s do  ancient to everyday practices of fine 
art, alchemical herbalism or astrology.
In landscapes where we want to invigorate a restorative balance we call it re-wilding. How about re-wilding yourself?  Embrace mundane as our portal to begin to howl with our wild.
Are you in the workism world and looking for a new move, a new groove? Are you in a pinch and find the grip too much and you need to gain perspective? Is there a curiosity to immerse yourself into the wild side, which nurtures, illuminates and is you, and you are looking to enhance life? 
I offer engaged open group sessions, 
astrology sessions,
plant & wellness sessions or 
experiential workshops to 
fine art tutorial
Let this website be a portal for you to distinguish if I am a fit to serve you. And our connection, should it occur, will then look to thrive with life and vitality beyond any medium of exchange. I speak of myself far too often here (on purpose) so that you can have a sense of who you are engaging. I find one posturing and pontificating about what they know and what they offer is not acknowledging that who is delivering the song and dance has impact on the nature of our connections. There is the stuff we will share, sometimes of divine wisdom, sometimes skill enhancement, yet there is also the dimensions of who you are, who I am and what our exchange between us brings forward. Connections call forward more than each of us alone. 
And then there is the bits of life force present as well. And that bit is wild. I welcome our wild, might you?

Where my services are rooted:

There are languages beyond speaking. Such as art, or that of astrology. As well the language of plants or alchemical herbalism and our body. Each have been cultivated for thousands of years, while freshly available today. These are my jam. This is where I have been engrossed in study, loads of experience and discovery. Each of these when engaged, offer vitality to unfold what might be tucked up tightly. Let this 

connection open us, unfold us with gentle clarity. I find these languages can speak specifically with gross clarity; and they can speak gently illuminating our own life particulars with such brilliance we are dancing on the winds of time. We can unfold and enfold vast sums of discovery nurturing our own vitality with art, astrology & herbalism. I welcome you to serve yourself together.

Marilyn MIchele in the Redwoods.

A share of my current 


Woven As Our Earth & Sky 

Maybe you want to explore astrology. Listen to an interview with Thomas Miller, where I expresses my own step into astrology and you can hear where my heart dances to serve. 

Expect the unexpected
give heed to what stops you.
Maybe a session starts there.

Be openly wild.

Migrating through life with plant wisdom

and awareness
of planetary supports.

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