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I serve you with ancient tools of art, plant wisdom and astrology. I offer astrology sessions, plant & wellness sessions or experiential workshops to fine art tutorial. 
Each modality, whether art, astrology or plants will become accessible to embolden you, your desires, your instincts.
Step or dip into your wild. Begin with some art making, open up your exploration of -what is art. And realize you are your own artist.

Begin to partner with plants. Learn how to partner with them as a 
medicinal, or in your forest walk or garden?

I think of wild as a freedom, to explore to express and to reside here in this body, time and place.

How about an adventure to enfold all of you in a careful exposure of yourself for yourself? To have a sense of your core essence seen and honored. Loved up.

I offer a safe way to be you 
 let's say, an experience of you.

See yourself as wonderfully wild stepping out into your life?
We can be rigorous or casual, but always with easy laughter and an open accepting heart.

Maybe you want to explore astrology. Listen to an interview with Thomas Miller, where I expresses my own step into astrology and you can hear where my heart dances to serve. 

Expect the unexpected
give heed to what stops you.
Maybe a session starts there.

Be openly wild.

Migrating through life with plant wisdom

and awareness
of planetary supports.

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