As an Artist, Transformational Astrologer & Vitalist Herbal Practitioner


I serve you to flourish with personal & social vitality, to let your light shine.


I am letting others know about you, so they too can experience the wonder and beauty that you have to offer. Your light is powerful, and helps us to see it shine just a little bit brighter."  

An unsolicited voice of a client.

 in life, Are we not between

 (time, space, form) 
-woven in dynamic relationships 
-And wanting to be fully instinctual.

 Give yourself

permission to be your

°Wild & Close°

   Do you want a conversation or experiential   exercise to find & nourish your wild? 


Maybe you want to explore astrology. Listen to an interview with Thomas Miller, where Marilyn Michele expresses her own step into astrology and you can hear where her heart dances to serve. 

Step or dip into wild,
For it is to allow a freedom. An exposure of you, your core essence honored and seen. I offer a safe way to be naked or released from the grip of your life. As in finding way to see that which sits beneath your daily doings or the persona of you, as your wild.
I serve you with ancient tools of art, herbs and astrology. I offer astrology sessions, health & wellness sessions or experiential workshops to fine art tutorial.
Each format focus is to embolden you, your desires, your instincts.
We can be rigorous or casual, but always with an open accepting heart.


Expect the unexpected
give heed to what stops you.
Maybe a session starts there.

Studio practice 


Soon to come an Art series inspired in the Redwoods of Humbolt county.