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REVIEW - Unearthing the treasures.

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Marilyn Michele does nothing in half measures. She enthusiastically partners with you unearthing the treasures of your life.

Astrology Session Review. Marilyn MIchele Does Nothing In Half Measures.
Marilyn Michele in Cobb Ireland

At times the process may feel loose and untethered

but you will come to find this is with purposeful intention to provide you the space to shed your preconceived notions.

Don't worry about getting lost, Marilyn Michele's hearty laughter will always call you back.

We partnered with Marilyn Michele while my niece was preparing for a heart transplant-shortly after loosing her mother. Needless to say it was a very stressful and delicate time in her life.

While Marilyn Michele never gave her "the" answers, she has a way of shinning a light on areas of your life one would never think of to look for strength.

After the first session I saw a light had been rekindled and the budding of confidence I had not seen in her since the passing of her mother.

The combining of Earth Based systems, Astrology and Art are AMAZING. They synergisticly support each other and allow the embodiment of the readings.

We have continued to partner with Marilyn Michele and each session digs a little deeper uncovering the qualities and strengths inherent in my niece all along and points to opportunities for the cultivation of new assets.

Marilyn MIchele is generous with her capacity to listen, generous with her heart, generous with her wisdom and generous in her offering of art.

H & K


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