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REVIEW - The gift of shining a light on the heart.

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Working with Marilyn Michele is an absolute delight ---so much fun!

Rather then feeling confined to a fixed traditional chart read, her openness to astrology cultivates a far more playful understanding of what is taking place ‘above’, and how that is appearing right now as ‘my life’.

Marilyn Michele’s fresh approach is more of a conversation, a participation, then a lecture. Stripping away some of the usual astrological speak really allows the dots to be connected, and with this comes an ever greater trust in to the perfect unfolding of all that is.

Marilyn Michele has the gift of shining a light on to the heart of every being. Rather then fussing with what may or may not happen in the play of time, her read of a chart is from the ‘inside out’, rooting you home in to the heart of being, bringing you to fall back in love with the divine that is playing as you.


London England

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