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Simply Show & Tell

Journal in a language beyond words. Add Friends.. Require 4 sessions.

  • 1 hour
  • 85 US dollars
  • Shipped or Delivered

Service Description

Email me through "Wild and Close contact" and let's book you in. This is an open small group set up just as you need.. If you pay as you go it is $85.00 a session. But I require 4 separate sessions within two months. Each is paid prior to meeting. The fee is split between the 1-4 participants. This is a great deal. I encourage you to pair up with someone and freely explore. Your select group can have a set time for your group. I accept up to 3-4 folk within a session - again, splitting the fee between you. Routine art making or explorative. Creating offers spectacular access to languaging from within you, while some of it is a mystery yet to unfold. This offers a bounty of insight. If you are in a low place, mining the compost heap for gems with a golden shovel, this can unfold and string one’s pearls together. If you are in a fast moving time, this can flag transformational bits holding them as mini altars of just marks or color on paper, to honor and respect what is transpiring. And maybe you are in new territory. You don't even know what is going on. This will give you access for grounding yourself. Allowing a trail of bread crumbs for you to path out in a time of clarity. Come on now, blaze a trail of your own mark making mastery as it unfolds from the master within you. Materials needed are individualized.

Cancellation Policy

Please provide me notification of an appointment that you cannot make 2 days in advance of our meeting. I am certain we can reschedule. I am happy to do so.

Contact Details

+ 00000000

Cover Orchard, West Coast, USA, 97148

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