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Sunshine Of Our Wombs - Slaughtered Black and Brown Lives MATTER.

These losses. Precious one’s are dead. Collectively we must generate safety. How can we collectively protest until right actions are taken? What shall we boycott? Shall we rotate the markets we boycott distributing the impetus to pressure for needed change to protect ALL Americans from gun violence? Do we hold up all schools across the nation until this is addressed - to PROTECT our children?

June 11 is a national day of protest. Let’s flood the streets banging pots n pans showing our domestic lives cannot be neglected anymore. Can we agree by then to further actions we collectively take to hit the public scene with active protests to force changes? Economic protests. Work protests. Educational protests. Covid taught us how to suspend what we thought could not be suspended. Put those thinking caps on and let’s suspend this violence through pragmatic protests.

In my observations 3-5% of a market change is noticed by those in the market. Let’s double it! We want everyone to join in. But let those of us who can protest, who can boycott, step up and step out. Stepping together to carry the burden to right the wrongs of our national pride. This is my country and I am proud to be here with EVERYONE. My pride is about unity. My pride is to make our old USA manifest destiny correct it’s course, and to be about the people. ALL the people, safe, with prosperity, pursing happiness.

Damn this is such a sad sad day.

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