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Saturn Herself May be Dancing with an Oceanic Liberty. I Think She is Skinny Dipping in Pisces.

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

I think we find out that Saturn is able to dance like water unto rain, fluid fabulous movements. We can be and participate in the structures of life like we are floating on our backs, skinny dipping, or taking a great dive. Maybe we are so fluid we are a paradigm tourist. Let’s explore some expressions of Saturn in Pisces, yes?

Mother Matrix, our Saturn

This is how I see feel about our Crone Saturn. She is our mother matrix generating or building of foundational social structures and forms of functioning from a deep knowing of wellness for all. Safety for all.

Our own life lived in mastery of Saturn is:

  • a mastery of societies forms and functions,

  • often with adept movements within structure.

  • Leaning into our humanness, as nature, as wild. Wild as tethered to the reality of now, effortlessly. Therefore knowing and feeling full freedom of expression of our nature as nature.

  • In relationship to form(s). And this relationship can be this one, (me/you), residing in form, as formless.

Therefore where Saturn dances in your chart expresses your dynamic dance with and within society, or what I am have called Mother Matrix. That which is the motherly touch on structures, and the building of societies. (Give me a call for a read if you want to understand the dance of Saturn, your Crone, and her inter planetary dynamics. How does your Crone relate to other planetary vibrations within your birth chart?)

Now let’s collectively rest into, & consider, what this Saturn is in a personal realm. Give a think to your family culture/ or constructs. We are looking at built up family dynamics and traditional ways. You/I grew up within these, and then engaged with our own flare. Maybe in compliance, but likely as the next generation, we naturally might shift or firmly reinforce a few of the family dynamics. There is no right or wrong in family ways. But there can be structures that liberate and those which trap. We all know the word dysfunctional family. Some families couple with the regional or local structures and institutions smoothly. Some families cultivate more of a change. We are likely to favor structures which affirm and mature us uniquely. This family structure gives a small sense of how a matrix can be unique and expressed in different ways. Different family cultures. A structure also called a construct as it is human made.

Now enlarge this as a social dynamic state wide, or nation wide. Broadly speaking we can identify particularities of Western Civilization, which as a collection of Nations built with similar constructs and often demonstrates a lineage of matrixes. All of this is a Saturnian nature in humans.

And our own dynamic movement, and contribution within and to these structures is our Saturn in our chart.

Being of a Saturnian nature which expresses with a keen internal self discipline, or lack of external structures needed is another possible expression. This expression is likely less of a fit for static institutional, or even static familia dynamics. And this internal structure is likely of a solid internal dynamic sustaining life’s movements. Movements which might be amidst various external social structures.

*I often initiate the liberty of having every planet express female & male. It is easily agreed that each planet has feminine and masculine. Great. And while the men of old gave most every planet a male expression, I take the pendulum into a balancing swing by offering every planet’s balance as a female. And those previously female planets are male. Give this a go. It opens us up beyond the structures imposed previously.

Pisces as the deep ocean.

What is Pisces? I keep listening. I think of Pisces as the deep ocean within three different watery relationships. Very simplistic to only consider three. But their dynamics and expressions are quit different and inform me of some of the nature of ocean.

  • I am considering that of a drop falling into the big ocean blue…green/grey/ purple.

  • Or as the waves on the surface lifting and falling back into all of it.

  • And then the deepest depths of the ocean with currents moving through.

I just think of how these aspects within oceanic nature express. A drop of rain falling into the ocean. The little droplet into the ocean, is water to water. The drop is no more. And for the drop, well, I feel/see that there is a buoyancy of landing in vasteness. Embracing nothingness of like unto like. Then there are waves moving across the surface of the ocean. Waves which capsize boats, or waves which crash upon the shore. This active dynamic of the realm in-between. And the coldest depths of the ocean. Diving deeper allows the cold depths to be felt distinctly, layer by layer with each measurable descent. It is cold and pressure builds. Movement beneath is slow. As a human pressure is a factor, to surface as a diver, one goes as slow as an air bubble pea sized. It feels super duper slow. But the modification of the body’s air in the lungs must be tuned into. There is a transforming dynamic with the pressures. And then simply, seeing into or while in the water everything is magnified by 30%.

Pisces as the ocean, in my considered and felt understanding thus far, tangibly enfolds a multidimensionality, does it not? I am looking at these tangible expressions or experiences of various dimensions inhabited within that of ocean. As ocean there isn’t necessarily a separating of dimensions, but a unified interloping. Some liquify action. And I sense as Pisces is often depicted as oceanic. And we all are Pisces in some way. This too is us. We are multidimensional. To cling to only our solid 3D living of life we will likely feel tossed, drown, or sunk in the realm of Pisces. Losses, pressures, weight may be felt if we do not shift into and with our multidimensionality. Or they are felt and we flow with it. So where does this leave me? Maybe finding how to be fluid? I think Saturn in Pisces is opportunistic.

Pisces does afford us this portal of passage to break away from form (to realize the grace of nothingness) and to remain dancing within form. Just like the drop of water falling into the ocean. Waves lifting creating dynamics of play, and falling back into her waters. What a great and glorious mystery our ocean teaches..

I will begin to combine these observations looking at Saturn in Pisces. And maybe Saturn in Pisces is a bit of us, our 3D life held or bound tightly, is now in the ocean. Small Saturn is 30% magnified. Where do you feel seen more now? Or where is there a spotlight? Where are things magnified? Cold Saturn in Cold Ocean feels nice as cold appreciates cold. Inflammation is heat in the body. Might inflammation or inflamed social dynamics be able to chill a bit. Or constrict tighter. Pressure + pressure activated. I know my body is righting itself of heat carried for a few years. And I am finding way to pull in my energies instead of jumping about. Cosmic flows in harmony with my body’s healing. Cold is also slowed movements. Embrace the pause, the looping back again. Cold is not necessarily stagnant. Might it be a stillness.

Saturn in Pisces expresses the ocean’s condensing deep water pressure, to condensed Saturn. Well, this is a tightening of things it is not. Tightening what I understand. Bringing in and condensing my work to be ready for a presentation, maybe? Where is the pressure applied? Maybe some habit. Breaking a habit, or developing new habits. Think or feel/see structures, getting pressed.

Yet as well Saturn will be bashed in waves of a storm or by wind driven and responsive to the tide. Break downs may occur. Maybe the tides of familia to broad social shifts? Maybe personal consciousness opens from a break down. What do you figure? You take what you know of Saturn, your Saturn in your chart, and what you know of the ocean and let them dance together to see what vibe is likely at play for you. We are interwoven with our great outermost cosmos which is also the same from within.

Looking at the ocean deep with Saturn submerged, there is no stable Saturn sky path as Saturn dances in Pisces it is in the ocean currents, wobbling. As well this threshold of Saturn, which Saturn is often considered, it is a threshold to that within our known dimensions, and that which is beyond as the outer most visible planet. In these outer realms, our multidimensionality may have an ease of beckoning us. We may find our way out of some binding beliefs, customs, constructs, paradigms built with Saturn. While Saturn in Pisces may be demonstrating this is really more fluid than we ever imagined.

Saturn herself may be dancing with an oceanic liberty she has always known, but rarely is seen delivering. We may now get a chance to know a fullness of Saturn which our habits and bound perspectives, our constructs have denied us to see.

I have tangibly felt this inner wobble since Saturn went into Pisces. How about you? Some cosmic shifts play stronger for some. Certain dynamics are stronger or louder. More of a reflection of our numerous heavenly expressions brought to life. Sometimes our own birthchart vibratory relationship of the planets and the current planetary vibes are somewhat louder. Or the opposite, they are very subtle. This often is seen within our birth charts as well in the planetary harmonies or discords of current transits with our birthchart.

Saturn in Pisces is a game changer for me. It was last time! Saturn circles a chart in 29 years. Saturn in Pisces will likely be a twice in a lifetime occurrence. And while I may have seen this coming, it doesn’t change the feel of this wobble. The undoing of something something within. Trying to give what I feel a name or some description does not help or provide clarity. It seems to compromise any sort trust. There is for me at hand now, a joyous disruptive depth. Incongruent. Lopsided. Thinning. Taking me off the hooks. So I am being liberated. Likely a liberation not fully sorted. Not fully released. And leaning into this liberation is leaving me feeling awkward. But I do feel full trust. There is a floating trust from deep in my bones. It is as though my bones have been healed with a depth to the marrow. Which I cannot specify but I can see evidence of. Same thing happened last time Saturn was in Pisces. For me it was a culmination of years of slogging through illness and allowing a surfacing into everyday life, recent unnamed but somehow known transformations. I feel this is at hand again. It is a type of terrifying liberation. Like a favorite ride which you want to take, yet you might pee your pants while taking the ride screaming! Exhilarating. Ha. What a wonder life is. I like the chance, or fluid flow of transformations lifting into life lived.

If you want to look into your Saturn dance, connect with me. Or we can do an art session which is speechless coupled with clarifying mark making.

I have to add in this experience because it makes me think of Saturn skinny dipping. (Skinning dipping is diving into the waters naked.) And Saturn doesn’t forget or negate tending to the consequences. Safety, right? My Saturn skinning dipping is when I was a young teen, and a large group of us were up at the cabin. Us girls decided to do some midnight skinny dipping. My aunt caught wind of it. And instead of stopping us, she secretly hid to keep us safe. When the boys were sneaking in for who know what reason, take our clothes or scare us, or…. Well Aunt AJ caught them in stride and sent them scurrying back to the cabin with their tail between their legs. We had a blast out swimming in the water laughing in such grand play. Not until the next morning did we know my Aunt had been our protector. She was a crone, past childbearing years, looking out for us virgins dancing liberally in the pleasures of innocence. The benevolent love of Saturn, our crone protected and liberated me.

PS I have to publish and revise. Just do. So check back in in a couple of weeks I will have revised some bits. Sorry if grammar mistakes bug you. I have buckets of them. But I have to publish anyways. I work excessively on the grammar. It is like time, I just don’t land there easily… big hugs of love though. May grace be our perfume.

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