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Is it raining down on you?

Updated: Feb 17, 2018

Living life can be as refreshing as soft rain or as destructive as a flood, right?

These experiences may occur within our own body's landscape or this may occur in our surrounding environs and relationships. It may be raining everywhere in so many ways.

Do you want to celebrate a sweet season of rain, or has the destructive floods of life rolled in? Do you want to see or better yet feel into what is beyond or behind all the wet wet, wet? I am available, book a session.

Take this opportunity and let's sit together. You direct the session.

Or shall we just dance and play in whatever rain has come?

CLOSE in, I do not feel we are victims of life, but that we have invited this orchestration for purposes beyond the obvious. And the first key purpose is YOU.

What can you be attentive toward?

Where is your motivation WITHIN this, WITHIN what is, what grabs you?

What can you do? What is the next single step?

What flow of life is for you to simply float?

The pulse of life, for me, abounds as love (regardless) as it is not bound, it is WILD.

big hugs,


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