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Ireland, July 2016

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

My mom's sister, Aunt Shirley had a bucket list trip. Thank you Aunt Shirley this was not possible for us to do alone.

Here are a few bits from that journey.

Open kindness of locals to help us find this hidden sight.

Even with written instructions found online, there was no way to find this sight without asking the locals. Driving into a farm and asking where we were in relation to these particular instructions felt odd. But a light bright spirited woman came to our car and openly helped us out. She was use to it. And preferred folk stop to ask than to have public signs up.

  • I am speechless as to the broad details were easily accessible.

  • I felt like a giantess, in my large current body size.

  • Sacred and mundane intermingled. Life death life looked to be seen as a continuation.

  • We as folk of modernity have ignored their offerings and voices for generations. As I communed I welcomed their presence and ancient wisdom to be with me there and as I left. Within months I had a life altering illness descend upon me. And it lasted 3 years. Long enough to generate many life changes. The ancients don't mess around.

more to come... big hugs, xMic

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