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Beauty & Disruption: Does a flower not exhibit, life/death? Pluto Dances Aquarius & Capricorn Cusp

In response to Mark Jones and Patrick’s extensively researched references of our history with Pluto in Aquarius through this filter of me. A fabulous Summit of Astrologers, through Astrology University on this topic.

Does a flower not exhibit, life death life? This beauty within the fire of a bloom with death is a must. Into this flow, I melt. May I exhibit life’s passion, purpose and perfume with dynamic colors and textures. To fall into death, seeding life. Which means this flower has died. Add into this, I die. As well, I cannot control the seed. On what soil will it land? Will it be eaten and fertilized near the fence post of somewhere else?

To exhibit life’s beauty, the divine flow and the bloom in life is where we often grasp. Pluto requires the full spectrum. And enforces death. New seeds.

And as Pluto is dancing in the cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius this year, flow baby flow, cuz the parts our Western Civ likes to ignore will be. And both Capricorn and Aquarius are collective social realms of life. Saturn rules both, so read my last blog about the domain of Saturn. These communal landscapes are peaked within this cosmic stir. Uranus is additionally the modern ruler of Aquarius.

As Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, is transiting in the sign of Taurus, we might see and feel where our roots, where we nest is of value. You might find those values clarified for yourself while additionally within a collective flow. Homeostasis which Taurus emboldens is not static it is dynamic. Uranus is likely intensifying our dynamic rebalancing.

Be aware of the ground you are covering. Thresholds of change you are moving through. Make notes of this dynamic rebalancing with some altar, some flag, some word or mark making. There need not be a full understanding. But a movement to honor what is shifting with some acknowledgement gives us a trail of such movements, changes, thresholds crossed to which we can return. And the return is often within a ripened state of understanding. Which is then seen within the tapestry of life’s happenings.

Happenings, can, sometime down the road, become seen and understood as gifts. And so going with the flow, in the next time of change, well, these changes can be trusted a bit more being understood as gifts. Life death life can be felt and seen to be gift giving.

I have had this a time or two, or three or well …a lot. The turn of death, from this grand flowers glory will be our gift? Likely, yes, a seeded gift. It is so so so, so affirmed in my life expressions. The bloom dies and seeds new life. I go upside down. I am turned inside out. Yes, and life is renewed continuously. I can be honest with the struggles, the loss, the changes, but what do I hold onto?

And as the portal enlarges, that of embracing life death life, one’s seeing a multitude of gifts might become abundantly seeded. Life lightens and laughter sometimes bubbles up effortlessly. Maybe as a whisper, or as a shout. A poem. A painting.

So bloom baby bloom. Perfume. And let go. We are passing through.

I can help with your process or that of marking your thresholds. We can make marks of the dark or the light side of life.

Or I can help nurture a group looking for a heart felt exchanges. Are you coming into bloom and you want to express your flair with others of the same fire? Mark your place and time together. Fire up the embers of expression. Or are you in this simple quiet place which yet needs community. I do a group which I call “show and tell.” There are no rules, but I welcome your presence with open hearted play.

Find a couple folks you want to raft with in the tides of change and let’s set up a class for a kick off. We can meet a few times for you to then fly and be free.


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Mar 27, 2023

so reassuring, this naming of what I feel 💜

Mic, Marilyn MIchele
Mic, Marilyn MIchele
Mar 27, 2023
Replying to

So, it seems to be figured…. Your responses are always heart felt. But that is because you allow me to be in your beautiful presence, offered in word. <3

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