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We need no instructions.

Updated: Mar 18, 2018

Rock a-bye, lulla-bye chicken.

She knew how to catch a chicken and settle with it, singing away in the rocker.

She needed no instruction.

We come in with a mature matrix ready to engage and unfold anew, WILD AND CLOSE.

Want to tap into your mature matrix given new space at your birth?

Astrology can offer insights to the bare bones of you upon birth.

In life you flesh out your bones. You determine what it is for you to flourish.

Astrological insights speak of what you already are. (Divinely knit in the womb.) We can remove some of the clutter living has acquired. And we can speak openly about this life without judgement.

What for you, owning who you are, is going to be a true integration of your true core self?

Now this is exciting. Heartfelt liberty is bolstered. Vital living is unleashed.

Book a workshop or session. Come, I will participate with you.

We will play to unfold. We will make some marks as art, a way to speak without words.

And we will speak of the bones you have fleshed out. You direct what we seek.

Cheers to no instructions!

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