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Release the tension of good intentions.

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

There is no question sometimes in life, or recently it has been often, we are simply left dangling. But let's release the tensions added in. I think we can release some of these good intentions which bind. (Laurie, a dear neighbor and I created this installation of garden. What was going on beneath creating some wild radishes and carrots?)

Are you feeling strung up as well? Think about it - no clear answers to illness. Or a feeling like the bottom is falling out of normal protocols. Maybe it is simply recognizing, in this mess, you do not have control. Maybe we have created an enterprise and we have no way of predicting how integrating into the market will go. It gets a bit silly how long this dangling bit can go on.

I would rather hang on, or dangle 
in a dance of life lived embracing the play. 

I would rather hang on, or dangle in a dance of life lived embracing the play. Learning how to be in a playful dance is part of my protection. Let me go back to where this began, today. I was looking up the Sabian Symbol for the Degree of Saturn in Capricorn before it turns direct next week. I have picked up Diana E. Roche write up on The Sabian Symbols, while most often I use Dayne Rudyhar's online source. Dayne Rudyhar often clearly affirms or blows my heart space open with delight.

And so today I happened to grab Diana's book. And as I read Diana Roche's write up on Sagitarius 2° & 3° She writes:

Opportunity: Your greatest advantage lies in channeling your energy into concrete goals. 

This sounds fine. It sounds useful, unless you are dangling. It suggests that I am to be channeling energy. And yet as I live in these days, or have lived in days past, often I have little to no energy, I cannot even begin to participate on those terms "channeling your energy." So now, with this defined as opportunity, I feel it is unfortunate to not have energy. And then I might question if I can even materialize a goal if I have no energy. And all of this leads me to wonder where is my value? And Diana's statements are super common, but honestly they create grave conflict with good intentions.

After reading this clear succinct presentation of what an opportunity would look like I grumbled at the tension which I felt immediately. The notions she offers as opportunity, creates serious tension for danglers. First energy or no energy. Extra energy is often a conditional condition. And bodies are temporary. My body is impacted by my environment beyond my control. That is a whole other rant someday. My generation is so heavily polluted within medical practice, and in the treatments of the land and home. My body swamped with pollutants throughout life, leaves me diligently endeavoring to restore any energy. Aside from due diligence to clean up and feed my body, what does a non energy person to do? Do we question our value? Oh hell no! There is a core value of me of you which transcends body, while being transfigured through living out in this body. I have had this affirmed over and again. Ouchy Mama it can be a rugged life indeed.

So let's not have such a tight definition of wellness. I am well in my core as I embrace whatever is going on within my body. Some of us wrangle societies ills. Some of us create economic abundance to share. Some of us navigate the dark depth of living through our body's frailty. Let me clearly state, I do not feel this navigation of dark depth of my body frailty is to be done alone. It is housed within one body. But then again, the body is part of a myriad of interplay of conditions and influences. Taking these on alone is a false reality. Reach out immerse yourself in communion with others to wrangle this about.

So, yes, I feel I am often in this go round of life, dangling. I want to flourish in dangling. To dance and play upside down. I feel I slip into a river dance to go with the flow of what is.

This for me has been a dance of life which I feel is depicted by my Saturn. Your river may be of a different nature, a different planetary energy. (The Nile is not like the Tigris or Euphrates, or the Snake is not like the Columbia, or Mississippi River.) So for me my Saturnian river:

  • No Short cuts, float the whole river.

  • Get out and walk around the steep waterfalls, no reckless jumping.

  • Pay attention to the current.

  • When you fall out keep your head up.

  • If you find you are in an undertow, relax, go under with a big breath.

  • Don't fight the pull down and under. Wait for the release, swim away full-on-strong.

  • If you don't make it out of the undertow, relax and wait as you go under again.

  • Stay in the river, float the whole river.... the ocean awaits.

This describes dangling for me. I have no objective, I am to pay attention to and invest in this as it is. And it is way beyond me. I am humbled. I am fine deep within and I am just right where I am to be, for now, dangling.

Any objectives are blurred in the splash and swirl of the river. Dangling always changes perspective, especially if I am hanging upside down, or spinning. Other's nicely set objectives are far off and away and beyond me. When I am dangling, doing the river dance, it is not necessarily easy. It might be slow going. It might be pretty rugged. Yet as well, let me be clear, as one who has often been dangling, I know there is abundance in my core, regardless. I am well while dangling in the river of what is.

So release the tension of good intention.

Oh the tension as we "just hang in there." 
May we dance while dangling without good intentions.

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