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Living Free Living Life

Living and celebrating awareness, boundless awareness as we are enfolding life live….

The fucking amazement of living free in everyday life while being saturated within it, as awareness, is again, fucking amazing!

Life asks we go step by step live. L I V E

(Keep mud boots on or nearby, life is often such a mess, and we want to be having fun.)

How do we enfold "life live, as boundless awareness?"

Erick Shiffman's words.

Boundless awareness is boundless. This awareness enlarges. As we enlarge, life is happening and it is not bound. We can find that life is fluid, temporary, changing. Life is no thing to hold onto it just is. And in this living, as nothing to hold, we-be totally invested and free.

We are in a dichotomy which fashions life,

beautiful as anything,

beauty in everything.

Beauty even as it is down, dirty and a mess.

Beautiful life is not the measure, or the outcome, but the essence within of harmony as boundless awareness.

And in this living, as nothing, we-be totally invested.

That is why I say "Vital Living Liberating You."

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