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Bloody hell, yes! The female is holding a key to revival.

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

The ”Trevi Fountain Menstruating” An Artist dropped red dye into the fountain when Marilyn Michele was there.
Marilyn Michele at The Trevi Fountain, Rome in October 18, 2007

While living in England, we visited Rome. The Trevi Fountain, Rome in October 18, 2007 goes red, and I am there! I look like the female version of the artist activist -ha!

Being relevant asks we revamp what is. Everything has a season. This artist was speaking to revive the life of Rome.

"“We see the same thing,” he said, citing a comment by Mr. Toscani about the fountain’s new color in the newspaper Corriere della Sera, “Rome that’s still menstruating, Rome that has not entered menopause yet, can still have children, is still fertile.”"

This conversation is sparked through use of the nature of a female body. It is the same body which has been subjugated and a part of a wicked war machine for thousands of years. (So brilliantly articulated and normalized by Rome, oh yes... wretched shit of it all.) And I find it curious how this male artist wants Rome to be fertile, and not a crone. Fertility is crucial for life, yet, he has some crone to give ear to. As a crone myself - coming into 2 decades of being a crone, let me clarify, it is the full life cycle of a female we would do well to learn from. (Thank you Saturn, our crone of crones!)

Oh yes, the female is holding a key to revival. Females live out cycles of holding and release. Regeneration and birth.

You can bet we know how to cut the cord too!

Life forces are an exchange. Releasing what is no longer serving unleashes life force. Harmony abounds with this full on acceptance. Discerning what remains and what is rekindled is a dance we do best together.

Regeneration intertwines new and old.

Regeneration intertwines new within the old.

Regeneration intertwines and feeds old into new.

This interdependence has been stagnated and subjugated.

Our terms are lopsided with growth alone, prize obtained.

We KNOW this teaching of the female body. Now to live it.

Holding up unwavering conditions to cultivate and explore feminine & masculine as female demonstrates my life. I am a female with a strong host of masculine capacity. (I am bald and 6 foot tall, tell me to my face I am not exuding a healthy dose of masculine!) And yes when we allow this knowing depicted within the female body to abound in full expressions which is in harmony, it will serve all humanity, (our world, our cosmos.) Male and female (in our Western ways) have been saturated in discordant living. Bloody hell, cheers to the female body holding a key to revival.

And now let's immerse into how this plays out in living life! I am game for this conversation, how about you?

hugs, Mic

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